Zooms Are Fun At The Open School

Zooms Are Fun At The Open School

The schooling system around the world has changed drastically after the pandemic wave. At this time most school buildings around the world are closed due to pandemic reasons. Most governments around the world have imposed this ban to prevent the spread of this deadly virus to children.


However, all these bans haven’t been able to stop the process of learning. Now, most children are joining virtual schools and learning through virtual Zoom open classes. Let’s learn how this virtual video conferencing technology has made this huge transformation in the education system and made it more fun.


  • No particular dress code. Be stylish and be comfortable.


Thanks to this virtual platform, students now have able to get out of the ridged conventional schooling system. Now, most schooling is happening from home where students can learn from the comfort of their home. Hence, there is no requirement for a particular dress code for chilling.


Now children can attend the virtual school wearing normal dresses. Schools in Japan, England, and India used to emphasize a lot about dress codes. Now, these schools have abolished the dress code requirement for Zoom open classes.


  • We are prompting the student to make the right use of technology.


Virtual Zoom open classes are so successful because it offers many features that make learning fun. There are many educational apps are available on the internet, but none of them offer such features. Here are some features that you get on Zoom, which are specially designed for educational purposes.


  • Whiteboard feature
  • Annotation Features
  • Screen Sharing
  • Live Quiz or Trivia
  • breakout rooms for collaboration
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Easy survey option for students
  • Interactive presentations
  • Digital Flashcards


These features give more flexibility to learning. As a result, the job of the teacher becomes very easy. Thanks to all these features, teachers can now easily track how students are learning. It will help them focus on every student individually and let them encourage these children to learn more.


  • 24*7 expert guidance available online always.


Most schools run classes in a fixed period and most students are needed to maintain this schedule strictly. Thanks to virtual technology, now schools can remain 24*7. It allows students to attend the class any time of the day.


This feature is very helpful for grownups. Along with education, many students do jobs in the daytime. Now, these students can attend online Zoom classes without any problem. At the open school, 24*7 expert guidance is available online always these types of students.


There is no doubt that this pandemic has brought mayhem to this world and many people have suffered immensely due to this reason. However, we also need to accept the fact that there is a new shift has come to the schooling system due to this reason.


Zoom classes are now very popular for the online open schooling system. In an estimate, it has come to notice that Zoom can reduce schooling expenses a lot. For this reason, underprivileged kids can use it for getting a better education. Kids learn faster on the Zoom virtual classes because it is more fun than regular classes.