Top ways to score more than 90% in EXAMS!!

Top ways to score more than 90% in EXAMS!!

As the class X and XII exams are approaching near, the question that arises in every student’s mind is 


  • How do we ensure more than 90% marks in the exams?
  • Is it really possible to achieve this special achievement?
  • How do we effectively plan in order to really score well?


Well, the answer is that definitely the Student has to believe very much in himself that he/she is capable of definitely scoring well as ultimately, it’s the hard work of the student that will pay off. Scoring this high requires a lot of dedication, hard work and 100% concentration in the studies. However, to score more than 90% in the board exams, one needs to be extremely focused.


In this blog, we intend to share a few tips and tricks as suggested by experienced mentors, teachers and board exam toppers to help you prepare well for the Class 10 and 12th board exams. These tips will definitely reduce your exam stress and increase your chances of grabbing more than 90% marks in the upcoming exams.


  1. Start Your Preparation Right Now


There’s a saying, ‘The sooner, the better.’ It is important to note that as every student has a different pace of learning and grasping things. There is nothing like last minute studies but the student has to keep learning every day. This way, he can make sure that he is ready for any kind of exams to score well.


  1. A proper time table must be prepared well in advance 


In order to be organized in life, one has to make sure that the daily routine which is followed must be very well organized. There has to be a proper time table chalked out by the student indicating how much time he/she is ready to give for academics and other aspects of life. The proper utilization of 24 hours in a day can only be possible if its timely managed in the form of a time table. Therefore, for successful preparation, you must prepare a proper study timetable first depending on your weak and strong areas of the syllabus and make sure that you stick to your time schedule religiously.


  1. Practice Solving Previous Years’ Question Papers and Sample Papers


Don’t forget to solve the last 5 years’ question papers if you are keen on scoring excellent marks in your board exams. These questions will make you aware of the question pattern and the trends in which the questions are asked in recent years. These papers are usually a good way to check your preparedness for the board examinations. They also reveal the marking schemes released by the board and the new typology of questions introduced by CBSE. Solving question papers make you realise your exact preparatory status, so you can work on your weakness accordingly.


  1. Make your study room as your examination center.


The student has to always make sure that the room in which he/she is studying must have the following prerequisites:


  • A proper study table should be kept in the room where the student can sit in upright position and study.
  • While solving the previous years paper, the student should make sure that he is solving them in a register without the help of any books whatsoever and he should make sure that the paper is solved within the given time frame of the question paper.
  • Taking water/food breaks in between should be planned and chalked out in the time table. Anything apart from the time table shouldn’t be encouraged in any case.


  1. Work on Your Weak Areas


After solving ample question papers and mock tests, the student would have an idea of his/her weak points and your mistakes. Start debugging those mistakes; scratch them to their depths and make it your mission to convert your weaknesses to strengths so that in totality you are 100% ready for your board exams. This hard work would help you in attaining your desired score in your board exams.


  1. Strict ‘No’ to Social Media

Just disconnect yourself from every social activity and say goodbye to all the social media portals where you spend most of your time. This time should be devoted to rigorous studies and preparations as this time is the decider of your future. Rest your mind if required, but mentally draining leisure activities can happen once you are through with your exams.


  1. During the Exam Time


Make sure that you are very calm and composed during the exam time. Read the question paper very carefully and make a strategy as to which questions you will attempt first. Try and attempt long answer questions first as you cannot rush with these questions when there is a shortage of time, but you can easily do the 1 or 2 markers in less time. Time means marks, so do not spend more time on solving a particular question. Be fully prepared with your stationery and take everything in double amount, as each and every second is important. Don’t be in a hurry to leave the examination hall after completing your paper. You have struggled the entire year for these hours, so do not let them go. Cross-check your answer sheet, find your silly mistakes and resolve them. Underline keywords, draw neat diagrams and do every last minute touch up to beautify your answer sheet.

Scoring more than 90% in all subjects of Class 10 and 12th is definitely not easy. You need to be diligent, persevering and hardworking. So, what are you waiting for? To get more tips and tricks from experts visit us on