Low Scores In Class X & XII: We have your Covered

Low Scores In Class X & XII: We have your Covered

It’s not the end, it’s a beginning for something good: Things to do if you have scored low in Class X & XII Boards.


There are times when our most painstaking efforts do not lead to us the desired results which we expect. We stumble often, face some stoppages to the road for success, some disappointments and even outright failures amidst our preparations to score well.


Yet, it is important to remember that even amidst all its bends and curves, life doesn’t stop. Even the biggest of failures are turning points waiting to happen. In this blog, we will try and discuss few simple and doable steps that can help the student turnaround the situation and get his/her career back on track. Let’s have a look at them.



Take a Deep Breath and Evaluate your Options  

Generally, when a student is faced with an adverse circumstance like this, the first and foremost thing to do is to take a deep breath.

Yes, the situation is less than favourable, and there would be a hundred thoughts making whirlwinds in his/her mind. Yet, thinking about them is not going to do anything but bring negativity into your life. Doing something about the situation will definitely instill positivity.

Once your breathing has calmed you down a bit, take a long hard look at what got you here in the first place. Ask yourself – Why did I score low? Was it because you lacked the aptitude for the subjects, or were there gaps in your preparation on account of lack of motivation to study?

Evaluate the reason behind your poor scores, be it poor preparation strategy, lack of motivation or unforeseen circumstances. Once you know where exactly things went wrong, you would be better prepared to tackle your situation and plan your options ahead.

Always look for options which will try and save your time and efforts and save that precious one year.

As the preparations and hard work are pretty much fresh, the student will always want to achieve those results in a quick span of time rather than again waiting for one long year to pursue the same class. Hence, it’s very important to evaluate the options available which will save the time for the student. Instead of preparing again for the entire class, the student has the option for giving the exam in which he has scored low pretty much the next month itself. The board which the student will opt will be lot more easier as compared to CBSE or any state board exam.

Always look for top notch colleges only even though the scores are low.

The student should never compromise when it comes to selecting the best colleges for admissions after his high school. The best colleges definitely will accept top scorers only, but that can also be achievable if the student picks the correct option of switching his board immediately after his first result of low grades is received. This will enable them to score better in the upcoming exams plus will help them secure their admissions in the colleges they desire.


Always pick subjects which are of interest to the student and which will be beneficial in the long run.

What if the student is given the choice to pick subjects as per his choice and comfort rather than been offered a specific list of subjects like all CBSE and state boards offer? This way the student will definitely be at very much ease whilst preparing for the subjects of his liking plus he will be more focused towards scoring well in these exams without any kind of pressure. Generally, when a student is offered a SET LIST of subjects, there are a couple or maybe more subjects which the student tends to avoid studying and the result of which is that he/she eventually tends to score low in that subject leading to overall bad result. Research has also proved that if the student is provided with the subjects of his liking and comfort, he/she have made tremendous progress.

Give the exams from anywhere across the world.


Need to rush last minute due to some family emergency?

Stuck somewhere and cannot go back to your city?

There is no need to worry as the comfort of giving the exams from anywhere across the globe just is the icing on the cake for the student. Changing the location for giving the exams is impossible if the student is from CBSE. Looking at the current scenario, if the student is given the option of changing his exam center and he/she can give the exams from anywhere, this definitely adds on to the flexibility of the student.

Always strive for excellence.

No matter how hard life gets, remember- the one who strives for excellence is the one who is a winner. Time is of real essence when it comes to applying in top universities as the seats are limited and the applications are abundant. Hence, making the right choice at the right time is of paramount importance. There is no term as impossible, infact it should be broken into- I am Possible.



Nothing can stop the student from achieving their dream of getting into the top colleges of UK, USA, Qatar, etc. The most important thing is to keep looking for valid options as to how to improve the scores in the most time efficient manner.

So, while life has dealt you a blow, try not to let it affect you too much. Dust yourself off, and get back in the game!


Are you facing a similar situation right now? Share your experience with us in the comments.