Fascinating Facts About Open Schooling In India

Fascinating Facts About Open Schooling In India

Open schooling has become quite popular in India as it adds much flexibility in terms of learning and gaining education. Education is something that everyone deserves and there has been revolutionary changes made over time.

The government of India aims at quality education to all the students irrespective of the location. The open schooling has helped lakhs of students to benefit from the opportunities. There are many advantages while pursuing open schooling system for the students.

  • Flexibility

One of the best part of open schooling is the flexibility that comes with the system. The system is quite relaxed as compared to the rigid regular schooling and it give the students to be selective of the subjects that interests them.

The registration process is easy and smooth and it is cost effective, best suitable for people from lower income group. The registration is quick and students can enroll online and attend the classes from anywhere, anytime. A regional study center help the students with appearing for the exams.

  • Freedom to learn anytime and at any place

The open schooling help the students learn all the subjects with freedom and convenience of their time. It is up to the students to give the exams and hence it gives the students flexibility to study and prepare at their own pace.

The lack of rush ensure the students learn and understand the concept better and implement it in their daily learnings. The students after the completion of the course and preparing well for the exam can schedule their own examination.

  • Examination chances

With regular schooling, the students face constant stress with yearly exams, assignments as well as unit tests. This means the students get their grade only when they perform well during their exams. Unlike the regular school, open schools do not conduct multiple exams.

Open schooling provide the students with sufficient time for studying well and preparing for the exam. The best part of the open schooling is it give a number of chance to appear for the examination. It gives the students to appear for the exams whenever the student want within a specific period of time.

  • Relevance and our global presence across the globe

The open school is an online schooling system and hence it give people the chance to study from anywhere. The location does not make a difference but all it require is online connection and  system or phone to be able to study.

The course is pretty much relevant and aligned with the higher studies. It is a misconception that with open schooling, the syllabus is not relevant with the higher education. The students passing from open schooling can create a solid academic career. It helps in cracking multiple competitive exams like NEET, NDA, JEE Main etc.

  • High quality education and tremendous growth opportunities

There are no compromises when it comes to the quality of the education by the open schooling. The initiative by the government as well as the NGOs is to make sure the students learn at part with the students from regular schools. The certificates are valid and it is as par the state boards and accepted everywhere.