A Common Man's Dream To Study Abroad At Literally ZERO Tuition Fees

A Common Man's Dream To Study Abroad At Literally ZERO Tuition Fees

Studying abroad opens to humungous opportunities but also is expensive. A common man from a middle class family from a developing country need to be thoughtful before planning to move abroad for studies. Unless the tuition fees is covered, it is expensive and can be financially draining.

However, there are ways by which one can fulfill the dream of studying abroad with zero tuition fees. It is indeed every common man’s dream to study and the expenses of tuition be taken care of. Here are few ways which helps in turning dream into reality and study at zero tuition fees.

  • 100% tuition fees scholarship letters handed over directly by the universities representatives

One of the best and easiest way to study for free by paying zero tuition fees is by getting a scholarship for the university. Apply for the university for the program which offers 100% scholarship to the students. The scholarship is generally awarded to the students with merits that covers the tuition fee for the course.

When the university representative offers 100% tuition fee scholarship, this means the students do not have to apply for any external scholarship. Check for the programs, eligibility before forwarding the application. One of the best ways to study with zero tuition fee when scholarship letter is handed directly by the university.

  • Chance to meet and greet the top universities rep directly

There are many meet and greet programs and events where prospective students can meet the representative from universities directly. Such programs are held to connect the students and reps so that the universities can enroll and take admission for the right deserving students.

Such events help in getting insights and information about the ongoing scholarship program that waives off 100% of the tuition fee. This helps the students to apply for such universities and make sure to get the necessary assistance for enrolling in a scholarship program.

  • If tuition fees is waived off completely for the entire duration of his course, just living expenses has to be taken care of by the parent

A scholarship is mostly offers as a waiver for the tuition fee and hence students can attend the classes with zero fees. However, cost of living is also high especially in abroad destination and students do need living expenses. When tuition fee is waived off 100%, parents only need to take care of living expense for the student.

There are some universities which offer a stipend as well with tuition fee waiver that can help students take care of living expenses. Initially, parents can help with the living expense and gradually students can look for an on-campus job or part time job to take care of their personal expenses. This reduces the burden on the parents if there is financial stress.

  • Now don't just search for a college, make sure your child studies in it too

There are many colleges that offer scholarship and stipend for the students. However, there are eligibility criteria and pre-requisite criteria that needs to be fulfilled. As parents, it is crucial to guide the child for better academic excellence so that enrolling and getting admission in the college with scholarship becomes easy and convenient.